Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose where my money is invested?

Yes, if you wish, you may decide in which mortgage your money is invested. Also, If you are not in favour of a particular mortgage, for whatever reason, you can specifically request that your funds not be placed in that mortgage.

When do I receive my distribution payments?

In most cases distributions are paid monthly in arrears. Payments are made via a Direct Transfer into a bank account of your choosing. Due to our computerised payment system, payments cannot be made by cash or cheque.

If general interest rates rise or fall, will this affect my return?

Once you have invested in a particular mortgage the distribution rate is fixed for the term of that particular mortgage.

Whilst your investment is awaiting placement onto a mortgage the interest paid is governed by interest rate fluctuations and the current interest rate paid for funds held in the Scheme account is 1% pa.  Please read our Product Disclosure Statement in regards to interest payments whilst your funds are awaiting investment.

How much does it cost to enter a Mortgage Investment?

It costs you nothing to enter a Mortgage Investment. All set up, legal costs and expenses are paid by the Borrower.