Why Should You Invest in a Mortgage Investment?

There are several good reasons to consider a Mortgage Investment:

  • • Your rate of return is fixed during the term of each mortgage.
  • • You receive a monthly distribution payment directly into your bank account.
  • • Your investment is for a relatively short term (usually one year) which gives you flexibility and allows you to adjust your investments with movements in interest rates.
  • • We have extensive management experience in investing in First Mortgage Investments.
  • • All costs associated with the establishment of the mortgage are paid by the Borrower.

A Mortgage Investment provides similar and often better income returns then other types of investments, without the taxation and administrative difficulties. For example, you can reduce possible problems associated with other investments such as:

  • • High Up Front Costs
  • • Bad tenants
  • • Property maintenance
  • • Insurance
  • • Rates
  • • Capital gains tax
  • • High Risk
  • • Unreliable returns
  • • Non Performance

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